Manju Ray

Sr. Professor

E-mail : bcmr [at]
Fax :     91-33-473-2805

Personal :

M.Sc. in Physiology,Calcutta University[1969].
Ph.D in Biochemistry,Calcutta University [1975].

Award/Fellowship of Learned Bodies:

I) INSA Young Scientist Medal in Biological Science [1975]
II ) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize in Biological Science [1989]

Current Research Interest :

Molecular Enzymology and Cancer Biochemistry.

Future plans :

Development of anticancer drug and Understanding of differentiation process of cells.

A selected list of Some important publications :

1.Inhibition of respiration of tumor cells by methyl glyoxal and protectiopn of inhibition by lactaldehyde.Ray,M.,Halder,J.,Datta,S.K, Ray,S.(1991),Int.J.Cancer.47,603-609.

2. Inhibition of electron flow through complex I of the mitochondrial respiratory chain on
Earlich Ascites Carsinoma cells by methyl Glyoxal. Ray,S.,Datta,S.,Halder,J.,and Ray,M. (1994).Biochem.J. 303,69-72.

3. Glyoxalase III from Escherichia coli a single novel enzyme for the conversion of methyl
glyoxal into D-lactate without reduced glutathione.Misra,K.,Banerjee,A.B.,Ray,S.,and
Ray,M.(1995).Biochem.J. 305,999-1003.

4. Methylglyoxal : From a putative intermediate of glucose breakdown to its role in
understanding that excessive ATP formation in cells may lead to malignancy.Ray,M.,and
Ray,S.(1998),Invited Review/Research account Current science,75,103-113.

5. Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase from Earlich Ascites Carcinoma cells: its
possible role in the high glycolysis of malignant cells.Bagui,S.,Ray,M,.and Ray,S. (1999),Eur.J.Biochem.262,386-395.

6. Implication of bioelectronic principle in cancer therapy : treatment of cancer patients by methylglyoxal - based formulation.  Manju Ray, Swapna Ghosh, Manoj Kar, Santajit Datta, Subhankar Ray (2001), Indian Journal of Physics, 75B, No. 2, 73-77