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Assistant Professor Since February 2012: IACS,Kolkata
Post-Doc (2007-2012): UTHSCT, USA (Coagulation Biology)
PhD (2007): SINP, Kolkata (Cell signaling & apoptosis)
Post M.Sc (2000): SINP, Kolkata (Biophysical Science)
M.Sc (1999): Calcutta University, (Organic Chemistry)
B.Sc (1997): DA college, Calcutta University (Chemistry

Research Goal :
      Biochemistry, Cell biology and Molecular Biology Laboratory 

Primary thrust of this lab is solving basic fundamental problems in cell biology and develop molecular target for many abundantly occurring diseases. Initial few years this lab will focus on following aspects.

Phospholipid contribution in blood coagulation
Development of oral anticoagulants
Effect of Natural compounds on coagulation and cellular survivals
Coagulation factors mediated novel cell signaling
Nanomedicne for coagulation related disorders

Prosenjit Sen, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor

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Last updated on March 21, 2012