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Faculty Members at IACS 

Emeritus Professor

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Last Name

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Mail ID

Extension No
 ACHARYA  SOMOBRATA Associate Professor Centre for Advanced Materials camsa2 1104
 ADHIKARI  SATRAJIT Professor  Physical Chemistry  pcsa 1454
 BANERJEE  ARINDAM Professor  Biological Chemistry  bcab 1504
 BASAK  DURGA Professor  Solid State Physics  sspdb 1316
 BHATTACHARYA   SANTANU Director and Senior Professor    Director's Research Unit  director 2101
 BHAUMIK  ASIM Professor  Materials Science  msab 1207
 CHAKRABORTY  TAPAS Sr. Professor  Physical Chemistry  pctc 1470
 CHATTOPADHYAY  UTPAL Professor  Theoretical Physics  tpuc 2285
 CHOWDHURY  PARTHA Sr. Professor  Energy Research Unit  erpc 1602
 DAS  ABHIJIT KUMAR Professor  Spectroscopy  spakd 1257
 DAS  ARNAB Assistant Professor  Theoretical Physics  tpad5 2757
 DAS  BENU BRATA Assistant Professor  Physical Chemistry  pcbbd 2018
 DAS  PRASANTA KUMAR Senior Professor  Biological Chemistry  bcpkd 1505
 DAS  DEBAJYOTI Sr. Professor   Energy Research Unit  erdd 1600
 DAS  GOUR PRASAD Sr. Professor  Materials Science  msgpd 1202
 DASGUPTA  INDRA Senior Professor  Solid State Physics  sspid 1319
 DASH  JYOTIRMAYEE Associate Professor  Organic Chemistry  ocjd 1405
 DASTIDAR  PARTHASARATHI Professor  Organic Chemistry  ocpd 1403
 DATTA  AYAN Associate Professor  Spectroscopy  spad 2105
 DATTA  DIPANKAR Sr. Professor   Inorganic Chemistry  icdd 1355
 DE  SUBODH KUMAR Sr. Professor   Materials Science  msskd 1206
 DEB  BIMALENDU Associate Professor  Materials Science  msbd 1201
 DEOGHURIA  SWAPAN Senior System Analyst   Indian Journal of Physics  ccsd 1161
 DEV  BHUPENDRA NATH Sr. Professor  Materials Science  msbnd 1200
 DEY  ABHISHEK Associate Professor  Inorganic Chemistry  icad 1366
 GHOSH  ASWINI Sr. Professor  Solid State Physics  sspag 1314
 GHOSH  DILIP KUMAR Professor   Theoretical Physics  tpdkg 2282
 GHOSH  PRADYUT Professor  Inorganic Chemistry  icpg 1351
 GHOSH  SUHRIT Asst. Professor  Polymer Science Unit  psusg2 1563
 GHOSH DEY  SOMDATTA Assistant  Professor  Inorganic Chemistry  icsgd 1376
 GIRI  SAURAV Professor   Solid State Physics  sspsg2 1315
 GOSWAMI  RAJIB KUMAR  Assistant  Professor Organic Chemistry ocrkg 1401
 GOSWAMI  SREEBRATA Sr. Professor   Inorganic Chemistry  icsg 1356
 GUIN  JOYRAM Assistant  Professor Organic Chemistry ocjg 1426
 JANA  BIMAN Assistant  Professor Physical Chemistry pcbj 2107
 JANA  NIKHIL RANJAN Associate Professor Centre for Advanced Materials camnrj 1195
 JANA  SIDDHARTHA SANKAR Associate Professor  Biological Chemistry  bcssj 1519
 KAR  TANUSREE Sr. Professor  Materials Science  mstk  
 MAJUMDAR  AMIT Assistant  Professor  Inorganic Chemistry icam 1165
 MAJUMDAR  PUSHAN Associate Professor  Theoretical Physics  tppm 2296
 MAJUMDAR  SUBHAM Professor  Solid State Physics  sspsm2 1317
 MALIK  SUDIP Associate  Professor  Polymer Science Unit  psusm2 1564
 MANDAL  SUDHANSU SEKHER Professor  Theoretical Physics  tpsm 2287
 MANDAL  TARUN KUMAR Professor   Polymer Science Unit  psutkm 1562
 MONDAL  RAJU Assistant Professor  Inorganic Chemistry  icrm 1374
 MUKHOPADHYAY  RUPA Associate  Professor   Biological Chemistry  bcrm 1506
 NANDI  ARUN KUMAR Sr. Professor   Polymer Science Unit  psuakn 1561
 NATH  DEB NARAYAN Sr. Professor   Physical Chemistry  pcdnn 1456
 PAINE  TAPAN KANTI Associate Professor  Inorganic Chemistry  ictkp 1357
 PAL  AMLAN JYOTI Sr. Professor   Solid State Physics  sspajp 1313
 PATRA  AMITAVA  Professor  Materials Science  msap 1209
 PAUL  ANKAN Assistant  Professor  RCAMOS  rcap 1779
 PAUL  RAJA Assistant  Professor  Solid State Physics  ssprp 1310
 PRADHAN  NARAYAN Associate Professor  Materials Science  camnp 1733
 RATH  HARAPRIYA Assistant Professor   Inorganic Chemistry  ichr 1162
 RAY  DEB SHANKAR Sr. Professor   Physical Chemistry  pcdsr 1455
 RAY  KOUSHIK Professor  Theoretical Physics  koushik 2286
 RAY  SUGATA Associate  Professor  Materials Science  mssr 1226
 ROY  SOUROV Professor  Theoretical Physics  tpsr 2290
 ROY  SUBHAS CHANDRA Sr. Professor  Organic Chemistry  ocscr 1406
 SAHA  SHYAMAL KUMAR Professor  Materials Science  cnssks 1227
 SEN  ARNAB Assistant  Professor  Theoretical Physics tpars 2283
 SEN  PROSENJIT Assistant  Professor  Biological Chemistry  bcps 1518
 SENGUPTA  KRISHNENDU Professor  Theoretical Physics  tpks 2192
 SENGUPTA  SOUMITRA Sr. Professor  Theoretical Physics  tpssg 2284
 SINGH  PRASANT CHANDRA Assistant  Professor  Spectroscopy  sppcs 1252
 SINHA  DEEPAK KUMAR Assistant Professor  Biological Chemistry  bcdks 1106
 SINHA  SURAJIT Associate Professor  Organic Chemistry  ocss5 1400

E-Mail Address would be  id  [ AT ]  iacs  DOT  res DOT in


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