Integrated MSc -Phd Program in Physical Sciences


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In an effort to foster academic cooperation between Research Institute and Universities, IACS will be conducting an Integrated M.Sc-Ph.D. Programme in Physical Sciences (IntPPS) from the academic session 2016-2017 in collaboration with Jadavpur University. The primary objective will be to offer research oriented multi-disciplinary courses, including not only the basic core courses (Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Mathematical Methods etc) but also offer advanced elective courses in modern and emergent areas bearing a close kinship with active research activities at IACS in the field of theoretical and experimental physical sciences:


   • THEORETICAL HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS: Gravitation and Cosmology; Lattice Gauge Theory; Particle Physics; String Theory


   • THEORETICAL CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS: Electronic structure calculations; Numerical many body physics; Physics of
       Strong Correlations; Quantum Phase Transitions


   • EXPERIMENTAL CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS: Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy, Electric and Magnetic properties of
       solids, Opto-electronic properties of Semiconductors, Organic Electronics, Solar cell, Physics of Nano-materials, Surface and
       nanoscale science, Quantum Structures


   • STATISTICAL PHYSICS: Quantum Non equilibrium dynamics, Adiabatic quantum computation, Application of Statistical
      mechanics in biological systems


   • SOFT AND BIO-PHYSICS: Tissue Rheology, Computational Bio-Physics.


   • ATOMIC AND MOLECULAR PHYSICS: Spectroscopy of weakly bound complexes; Control and manipulation of atomic and
      molecular processes, Ultracold atoms.



The Integrated Programme in Physical Sciences is designed to fulfill the requirements of a modern researcher in terms of his/her familiarity with the current development of experimental and theoretical Physical Sciences. The Integrated M.Sc-Ph.D. Programme in Physical Sciences will be run based on an MOU between IACS and the Jadavpur University enjoying affiliation and collaboration with the said University.