“The Raman Effect”
Platinum Jubilee Celebration, 2003


Time Event Person/Speaker
10-30hrs Unveiling of the plaque of Sir. C. V. Raman Professor S. Chandrasekhar, F. R. S.
10-35 hrs Welcome address Professor D. Mukherjee, Director
10-50 hrs Address Professor M. M. Chakrabarty, President, I. A. C. S.
11-00 hrs Lecture on “Raman Effect : Its impact on Indian Science” Professor K. Bhattacharya, I. A. C. S.
11-50 hrs Special commemoratory lecture on  “Recent Developments in the Field of  Liquid Crystal” Professor S. Chandrasekhar, F.R.S., Centre for Liquid Crystal Research, Bangalore
12-40 hrs A note on Indian Journal of Physics Professor S. P. Sengupta, 
Editor-in-chief, (IJP), I. A. C. S.
12-45 hrs Release of two special issues of Indian Journal of Physics    
12-50 hrs Vote of Thanks    
13-00 hrs Tea    

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