T K Rai Dastidar Memorial Lecture

Speaker : Professor Deepak Mathur
TIFR, Mumbai
Topic : Interaction of matter with strong light, and of strong light with matter
Date : January 8, 2008
Time : 3:30 PM
Venue : C V Raman Hall, IACS

All are cordially invited to attend.

Abstract: Present laser technology readily allows the generation of light pulses whose instantaneous intensities are high enough to allow generation of electric fields that are Coulombic in magnitude. The highly non-linear, non-perturbative interaction of such light pulses with matter has been a most active areas of contemporary research and some recent highlights will be discussed. What has not been studied so much is the effect that matter has on strong light, and this is a facet of light-matter interaction that is currently being investigated in our laboratories. Some recent results will be discussed which are not only of fundamental interest but also have potential applications in the life and biomedical sciences.