Dr. (Mrs) Tanusree Kar

Sr. Professor

TELEPHONE : (Off) 91-33-2473 4971
Fax :                         91-33-2473 2805
E-mail :                mstk [ At ] iacs.res.in

M.Sc (Physics, Calcutta University)
Ph.D (1984), Calcutta University.
Visits Abroad : Italy (1990), Italy (1998), Singapore(2009)

Life member of
Indian Physical Society.

Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science.
Indian Association of Crystal Growth.

Current research interests:

Crystal growth and characterization of ferroelectric and non-linear optical materials by experimental and theoretical methods. Crystal structure of natural products, organic and metal organic compounds .

Selected list of some important recent publications :


Structural and microstructural interpretations of Zn-doped biocompatible bone-like carbonated hydroxyapatite synthesized by mechanical alloying .
S. Lala, M. Ghosh, P. K. Das, D. Das, T. Kar and S. K. Pradhan
J. Appl. Cryst.
48 (2015) 138–148


Vickers Micro hardness Measurement of Glass-Nanocomposites
Arun Kr. Bar, Tanusree Kar and Sanjib Bhattacharya
J. Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering  1(2014) 18-22


Studies on the optical, thermal and mechanical properties of nonlinear optical material - Di-Leucine hydrochloride
Soma Adhikari and Tanusree Kar
Materials Chemistry and Physics 148 (2014) 457-462


Biocompatible nanocrystalline natural bonelike carbonated hydroxyapatite synthesized by mechanical alloying in a record minimum time
S. Lala , S. Brahmachari , P.K. Das , D. Das , T. Kar , S.K. Pradhan
Materials Science and Engineering C, 42 (2014) 647–656


Ultrafast one step mechanosynthesis of nanocrystalline cubic Ti0.9Si0.1B and its microstructure characterization
A. Sen, T. Kar and S.K. Pradhan
Powder Technology, 264 (2014) 265-272

Role of carbon nanotubes on load dependent micro hardness of SWCNT–lead silicate glass composite
S. Ghosh, A. Ghosh, T. Kar, S. Das, P.K. Das, J. Mukherjee, R. Banerjee
Ceramics International , 40 (2014) 2953–2958
Structural and microstructural characterizations of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite synthesized by mechanical alloying
S. Lala , B. Satpati , T. Kar , S.K. Pradhan . 
Materials Science and Engineering C, 33(2013)2891-2898.

Experimental and theoretical characterization of semiorganic nonlinear optical material L-leucine hydrobromide
Soma Adhikari, Tanusree Kar
Materials Research Bulletin, 48 (2013) 1612–1617

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