Project Work

1. First Principles Study of  Complex Crystalline Solids,  

Funded by CSIR, India 

Duration 2001- 2004 (Completed)


2. Ab initio Calculation of  Electronic Properties of Novel Magnetic Materials,

Funded by DST, India

Duration  2005-2008 (Completed)


3. Modenisation of Computational  Physics Laboratory,

Funded by MHRD, India

Duration 2005-2007 (Completed)


4. Theoretical and Experimental study of DMS materials,

Funded by Swedish Research Council, Sweden

Duration 2007-2010 (Completed)


5. Novel magnetic ground state of low dimensional  systems,

Funded by Indo French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research

Duration 2007-2010 (Completed)


6. Understanding novel magnetic oxide nano-materials: Spectroscopy and ab-initio theories,

Funded by DST-JSPS

Duration  2008-2010 (Completed)


7. Modelling Nanostructured Advanced  Materials Intelligently (MONAMI),

Funded by DST India-EC Brussels

Duration 2009-2012 (Ongoing)

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