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TENDER NOTICE NO: IACS / CIVIL /394/ 2012-13                                                      DATE: 09/08/12

Sub: Supply, installation and commissioning of Fume Hoods in the Different Wet Laboratories of the Main Building at IACS, Jadavpur, Kolkata”

Terms & Conditions and Tender Form

Schedule of Quantity Fume Hood

Sealed Item rate tenders in two part bidding system are invited from bonafide, resourceful and eligible manufacturers for the work - "Supply, installation and commissioning of Fume Hoods in the Different Wet Laboratories of the Main Building" at Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, 2A & B, Raja S.C. Mullick Road, jadavpur, Kolkata-700 032.

The work is estimated to cost of Rs.27,80,050.00 (Rupees twenty seven lakh eighty thousand fifty only). The estimate is however mentioned as rough guideline.

The tenders shall be in two parts viz. Technical bid and Financial bid. Technical bid shall comprise of Earnest Money Deposit, credential documents of similar works done, proof of eligibility, IT,ST clearance certificates, Company profile and other documents in support of technical capability of the Firm. The Technical bid should not contain any financial implication. Financial bid shall comprise of Quoted price only with respect to the Bill of Quantities provided with the tender document.

The agencies will be selected on the basis of the credential and eligibility conditions provided in the technical part. Price bids of the successful bidders who would have qualified in the Technical part will only be opened. The minimum eligibility criteria shall be as follows :-

(1). Completion of one similar work of value Rs.22.00 lakh under Government, Semi-Government or any Govt. Autonomous Organisation in last 5(five) years.

(2). Completion of two similar works of value Rs.14.00 lakh each as mentioned above.

Similar work shall mean supply, installation and commissioning of Fume Hoods for Wet Laboratories.

The Association reserves the right of selection of party based on the technical credibility and resourcefulness and only being lowest bidder, may not be the absolute criterion for selection.

Tender document shall be purchased from Civil Engineering cell of IACS on all working days 27.08.2012 to 07.09.2012 between 11.00 AM to 2.30 PM on payment of Rs.1000.00 in cash.

Completed tenders (Technical bid in one Envelope, Finalcial bid in another envelope and the two envelope put into one third envelope with all envelopes super scribed with Name of works and contents) along with the Earnest Money Deposit Rs.70,000.00(Rupees Seventy Thousand only) in the form of Demand Draft/Bankers Cheque/Pay Order in favour of "Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science" from any schedule Bank payable at Kolkata should be submitted in closed envelop. The EMD should be the part of Technical Bid. Tender submitted without EMD shall liable for summarily rejection. The complete tender document should be submitted to the Tender Box kept at Civil Engineering Section (at 1st Floor of the Centenary Building) of IACS by 3.00 PM of 12.09.2012.

Technical bid shall be opened on 12.09.2012 at 3.30 PM in presence of the intending bidders. The date pf opening of the Financial (price) Bids of the successful bidders will be communicated later.

Complete tender document will also be available on the website of IACS, and could be downloaded for submission. Those who will submit tender by downloading from website should deposit Rs.1000/- in form of non-refundable Demand Draft/Pay Order/Banker's Cheque along with the Technical Bid of the tender separately as the cost of Tender Document.



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