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TENDER NOTICE NO: WS/07/Elec/2012-13                                                           DATE: 22/08/12

Sub: “Installation of Tube Light Fittings for Corridor Lighting and display board in the East side of ADM Bldg (near Inorganic Chemistry Dept.) in the ground floor and Installation of Earth Station for Room No-52 (ADM Bldg.) and Room No-101(ERU Bldg) at IACS, Jadavpur, Kolkata”

Special Conditions & Technical Specifications Of Contract For Electrical Works

Schedule of Works of Earth Station for Room No-52 (ADM Bldg.) and Room No-101(ERU Bldg)

Schedule of Works of Estimate for the Tube light fittings for coridor lighting



Sealed item rate tender for the following works in prescribed form is invited only from the IACS enlisted ‘Class-IV’ contractors in the category of ‘Electrical’ to carry out the job at IACS, Jadavpur, Kolkata.

Name of Work                    : i) Installation of Tube Light Fittings for Corridor Lighting and display board in the East side  of ADM Bldg (near Inorganic Chemistry Dept.) in the ground floor at I.A.C.S., Jadavpur, Kolkata.

ii) Installation of Earth Station for Room No-52 (ADM Bldg.) and Room No-101(ERU Bldg) at IACS Jadavpur.

Estimated Value                  : Rs 56956/-(Rupees fifty six thousand nine hundred fifty six only)

Earnest Money Deposit      :  Rs. 1139/- (Rupees one Thousand one Hundred thirty nine only). to be paid in the form of 
                                                Demand Draft / Banker’s Cheque / Pay Order of a schedule Bank in favor of Indian
                                                Association for the Cultivation of Science
payable at Kolkata.

Eligibility Criteria                : IACS enlisted ‘Class-IV’ contractor in the category of ‘Electrical’ 

Completion of Work            : 30 (thirty) days from the date of issue of work order.

Cost of Tender Form           : Rs. 150/- per set (non refundable) to be paid in cash for issuance of tender paper from office of the
                                               Workshop Superintendent. However, the firms who will submit tender by downloading from our
                                               website ( should deposit Rs. 500.00 (Five hundred only) in the form of non-
                                               refundable Demand Draft/Pay order of a scheduled Bank positively along with the tender in a
                                               separate Envelope without which the tender will be summarily rejected.

Tender Issue Date               :  23/ 08/ 2012 to 31/ 08/ 2012(up to 2.00 P.M. on each working day) 

Last date of application       : 31/ 08/ 2012 (to be applied on letterhead by the firm mentioning NIT no. & Name of work
                                              on or before this date).   

Last Date of Submission of Tender :  31/ 08/ 2012 05/09/2012 (up to 2 PM). Complete Tender Form along with EMD in a sealed envelop
                     super scribing the name of the work, NIT no. and due date of opening on the top of the
                     envelop addressed to the Registrar, IACS, Jadavpur, Kolkata 700032 to be submitted to our
                     Receiving/despatch Section.

Date of Opening                   : 31/ 08/ 2012  05/09/2012 at 3.00 P.M in presence of intending bidders

Acceptance of Tender          : The IACS authority does not bind itself to accept the lowest Tender and reserves the right to reject
                                                any or all the tenders without assigning any reason thereof.

Other Documents :
The tenders shall comprise of the documents like Earnest Money Deposit in proper form and shape, copy of  Valid Contractors license & Electricians license issued by the Licensing Board, DoE, Govt. of W.B. along with quoted price in the prescribed Bill of Quantities (BOQ) provided with the tender documents.  

The EMD shall be treated as part of the security deposit (to be deducted @ 10% of the bill value from each bill) for the successful bidder. Tender submitted without EMD or EMD not in proper form shall be summarily rejected. The SD will be released after six months from the date of successful completion of work. EMD for unsuccessful bidder will be refunded on demand after finalization of work order within 30 days.  

Deviation limit for individual item, trade and contract as a whole is 25% (twenty five percent). No claim whatsoever will be entertained in this regard.              

 If the contractor fails to maintain the required rate of progress or to complete the work and clear the site on or before the contract or extended date of completion, he shall without prejudice to any other right or remedy available under the law, pay compensation the amount calculated at the rates stipulated below or such smaller amount as the Director may decide (whose decision in writing shall be final and binding) on the amount of the tendered value of the work for every completed day / week (as applicable ) that the progress remains below or that the work remains incomplete.

i)          Completion period not exceeding 3 months (stipulated) @1% per week or part thereof provided always that the total amount of compensation for delay to be paid under this condition shall not exceed 10% of the tendered value of work.

The Engineer in Charge may without prejudice to his any other rights or remedy against the contractor in respect of any delay, inferior workmanship, any claims for damages and / or any other provisions of this contract or otherwise, and whether the state of completion has or has not elapsed, by notice in writing absolutely determine the contract in any of the following cases.

i.                     If the contractor fails to rectify/replace the defects in spite of written notice by Engineer–in-Charge.

ii.            If the contractor suspends the progress of work so that in the opinion of the Engineer-in-Charge he will be unable to secure completion of the work by the date of completion and do not improve performance even after written notice.

iii.              If the contractor neglects to carry out his obligation under the contract and / or commits defaults in complying with any of the terms and conditions and does not remedy if even after written notice.

When the contractor has made him liable for action under any of the aforesaid cases, the Engineer-in-Charge on behalf of IACS shall have powers:

  1. To determine or rescind the contract. Upon such rescission, the full security deposit recoverable under the contract shall be liable to be forfeited and shall be absolutely at the disposal of IACS.
  2. After giving notice to the contractor to measure up the work done by him, get the balance work done by another contractor. Any expenses which may be incurred in excess of the sum which would work had been executed by him, shall be borne and paid by the original contractor and may be deducted from any of his dues.

Complete Tender Document will also be available at and can be downloaded for submission. Conditional tender including conditional rebates shall be summarily rejected. The quoted rate shall be inclusive of all taxes & duties i/c service tax. Nothing extra will be paid to the Contractor except the accepted rate. In case of any discrepancies, the office copy will be referred and shall be binding to the contractor.



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