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Tender Notice No:  .: OC/JD/12/A-03                              Date:   12.09.2012

Sub: Analytical-semiprep HPLC system

Sealed tender in two bids system (Technical Bid & Price bid) is invited from bonafide, resourceful and eligible manufacturer/exclusive distributor/vendors for "Analytical-semiprep HPLC system"  Part – I (Technical Bid) of the tender should contain technical details and commercial terms and conditions and Part – II (Price Bid) should indicate group-wise price as mentioned in the Technical Bid. The Technical Bid and Price bid are to be submitted in two separately sealed envelopes distinctly marked accordingly and both to be put inside another envelope, which should be sealed and superscribed with tender notice no. and due date. The bidders may submit bids duly signed in their own letterheads. 

Complete tender bids should reach the office of the Department of Organic Chemistry Department, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, 2 A & B Raja S. C. Mullick Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata – 700032 on or before the scheduled date & time specified below. 

Tender Notice No.

OC/JD/12/A-03 dated 12.09.2012


Last date and time of submitting tender

October  08, 2012 at 3.00 P.M.

Pre-bid Meeting to be held on

September 20, 2012 at 3.00 P.M. in the C.V.Raman Hall

Date and time of opening tender

October 08, 2012 at  3.00 P.M.

Place of opening tender

IACS, Kolkata


The technical bids will be opened first to evaluate the technical specifications of the equipment thereafter the Price bids of only technically qualified tenderers will be opened. 


The Technical Bid should contain technical specifications and kept in a separate envelope duly super scribed as “Technical Bid” on the outer side of the envelope as detailed above.

 The Technical Specifications acceptable for the "Analytical-semiprep HPLC system" are as follows:- 






01. Pump:

*Solvent delivery unit should contain Two individual pumps

*Gradient formation: High pressure binary mixing

*High precision dual plunger design

*Each individual pump should have a Flow rate range of :0.0001 ml to 10.0 ml

*Max. Operating Pressure up to 6000 psi

*Flow rate accuracy: +  1%

*Flow Rate accuracy: 0.1% RSD or better

*Should have built in self diagnostic and auto Purge function

*Automatic plunger rising kit

*Should have upgradeability for low pressure gradient Quaternary pump  


02. Dynamic Gradient Mixer  

*Dynamic Mixing for analytical, semi-micro & semi-prep modes

*Mixing volume should be user selectable in 3 steps


03. Dual Wavelength UV-Vis Detector

*Wavelength range 190-700 nm or better

*Accuracy + 1 nm or better

*Wavelength precision 0.1 nm

*Drift Less than 1x10 4 AU/Hour or better

*Noise levels: +0.5x10  AU or better

*Linearity of 2.5 AU (ASTM method) or better

*Flow cell must be temperature controlled up to 50   C or better

*Both Analytical & Semi Preparative Flow cells to be supplied as standard with 

 the system

*Simultaneous Dual wavelength detection with data acquisition speed of 100

 Hz or better


04. Manual Injector  with automatic start and mounting kit with loops of

       20uL, 100uL & 500 uL and Syringes of 25 ul, 100ul, 100ul & 500ul


05. Fraction Collector

*Small & large fraction collection capacity

*Should accommodates vials, micro titre plates, tubes, bottles etc

*Flexible collection methods

*Collects fractions by time, volume peak, peak collection by leve, slope or sub

 Fractions by time

*Suitable Racks to be quoted for accommodating the vial capacities of 3.5mL,

 Test Tube & 20mL/32mL.


06. Software: Should have Windows based 32 BIT software for complete control, acquisition, data processing, software should be 21 CFR part 11 with GLP & GMP compliance.



01 (one)



The financial bid indicating (item-wise) price for the item (s) mentioned in the

technical bid should be kept in a separate sealed envelope duly super scribed as “PRICE BID” on the outer cover of the envelope as already detailed above. The price bids of only technically qualified bidders will be opened and they will be intimated the date and time of opening at their email id-s. Rest of the bids will stand rejected.


PRICE: Price to be quoted both on FOB/CIF basis. Name of the particular Port from where our authorized forwarder will lift the consignment must be mentioned clearly with FOB price. 


1.         An Account Payee Demand Draft/ Pay Order for Rs. 22000/- (Rupees Twenty two thousand only) drawn in favour of "Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science” is to be furnished along with the Technical Bid as Bid Security (EMD). 

2.         The Demand Draft/ Pay Order for the Bid-Security should have at least 45 (forty five) days validity period after opening of the Bids.  

3.         The Bid Security of unsuccessful bidders will be returned. 


1.         The successful bidder should deposit 10% of the tendered value as “Performance Security”, by way of an account payee demand draft drawn in favour of "Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science”. 

2.         Performance Security should remain valid for a period of 60 (sixty) days beyond the date of completion of all contractual obligations of the supplier including warranty obligations. 

3.         Bid Security (EMD) would be refunded to the successful bidder on receipt of the Performance Security. 


1.         Incomplete & conditional tenders and tenders received after the due date will be summarily rejected without assigning any reasons thereof. 

2.         At any time prior to the bid due date, IACS may, for any reason, whether at its own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by a prospective bidder during pre-bid meeting, modify the bidding documents. The amendment(s) will be notified on the Institute website. Prospective bidders are advised to occasionally visit the website ( for any amendment. 

3. Payment: 100% against delivery and successful installation subject to submission of performance guarantee. 

4. Warranty: Minimum 3 years 

5. Installation/Demonstration/Application Training at site: Free of cost by the supplier 

6. Service facility: Supplier should mention their details of service setup and Manpower in Kolkata who are responsible for after sales support. Response time should be within 24 hours 

7. Validity of tender: Tender submitted shall remain valid at least for three months from the date of opening the tender. Validity beyond three months from the date of opening of the tender shall be by mutual consent. 

8. The tender should accompany a compliance chart. 

9. The rate should be inclusive of all taxes, transportation etc. Nothing extra will be paid in addition to the quoted rate. 

10. The model number, make, and a printed literature of the product shall submit positively. 

11. Proposed delivery schedule should be mentioned clearly. 

12. Manufacturers/exclusive distributors/vendors should have history of supplying this type of instrument to this or other Scientific Organizations. 

13. Authorized Dealership Certificate is must in case of principal manufacturing company is not quoting directly. 

14. Guarantee certificate, users manuals etc. are to be handed over to the user after successful commissioning of the system. 

15. In the event of date being declared a closed holiday for purchaser’s office, the due date for submission of bids and opening of technical bids will be the following working day at the appointed time. 

16. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Institute authority shall be final and binding on the bidders. 

17. For any clarification regarding technical specifications, etc. please send your queries to Dr. Jyotirmayee Dash (

18. The Institute reserves the right to reject any or all of the tenders received without assigning any reason thereof.



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