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 Tender No : IACS/CIVIL/366/2011-12                               Date: 29.03.2012

Sub: “Proposed repair, painting & making Platform for service area Northern side of Main Building at I.A.C.S”

General rules and instructions for the guidance of tenderers

Schedule of Quantities Summary 

1. Sealed item rate Quotation/Tenders are invited on behalf of “Indian Association for the Cultivation Science, Jadavpur” from resourceful bonafied contractors of CPWD, WBPWD, MES, Rail, Govt.Undertakings, Autonomous bodies, reputed institutions and also enlisted contractors of IACS, for the work of  “Proposed repair, painting & making Platform for service area Northern side of Main Building at I.A.C.S.”  

2. The work is estimated to cost of Rs. 17,27,668/-

(This estimate however is mentioned merely as rough guide line and indicative) 

3. The time allowed for completion of the work is  75 Working days from the date of receipt of the work order by the contractor or from the first day of handing over of the site, whichever is later. 

4. The site of work is available / shall be made available in parts. 

5. Tender document will be issued from the office of Engineer (Civil), IACS between 11.30 AM to 2.30 PM on every working day  from 05.04.12  to 19.04.12  on Payment of Rs. 500/- 

6. The intending tenderer should produce all tax clearance certificate, PAN card before tender paper can be sold. The contractor should  have  completed at least two civil with steel structural works each of value not less than Rs.8.65 lakh or one same type work of value not less than 14.00 lakh in the last five years. 

7. Tenders placed in sealed envelope with the name of the work and due date written on the envelope should be submitted in the Tender Box, kept in the Engineering Section at 1st  floor of the Centenary building of IACS up to 3.00 PM on 24.04.2012 and will be opened by the committee on the same day at 3.30 PM in presence of the participating bidders or their authorized representatives. No tender will be received after closing of the tender box at 3.00 PM. 

8. The tender should be accompanied by Earnest Money Deposit of Rs 43000/-in the form of Demand Draft / Banker’s Cheque drawn from any schedule Bank in favour of “Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science”(payable at Kolkata). Tenders / quotations received without EMD shall be summarily rejected and for further details & complete Tender document please visit  our website


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