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Tender Notice No: ADM/2011-12/1                                Date:   28.03.2012

Corrigendum-I  (Updated on April 04, 2012)
Sub: Computer Servers and accessories

Sealed quotations are invited from Manufacturers/exclusive distributors/vendors, for the stores mentioned below. Quotations shall be submitted in Two-Bid system i.e. Technical Bid and Price Bid in two separate sealed covers distinctly marked accordingly and both to be put inside another envelope, which should be sealed and superscribed with tender reference no., due date and time of opening. Two bids i.e. Technical Bid and Price Bid should be identical in all respect except that the Technical Bid should have blank space at the places where prices have been stated in the Price Bid. 

Interested venders may submit their quotations to Dr. Swapan Deoghuria at Computer Centre, IACS, Jadavpur, Kolkata-700032.  

The last date for submitting quotation is April 6, 2012 by 3.00 pm.  

Quotations will be opened on April 6, 2012 at 3.30 pm.  If holiday is declared on the schedule date of opening, the quotations will be opened on the next working day at 3.30 P.M.    

The technical bids will be opened first to evaluate technical specifications of the equipment and thereafter the price bids of only the technically qualified bidders will be opened.   

(1)   Servers – 2 nos



 1 x Quad-core latest generation Intel Xeon server processor of atleast 2.4 GHz/higher    

Front Side Bus or
Quick Path Interconnect

5.8 GT/s  

 L2/L3 Cache  

12 MB/higher


Intel 5500 chipset/higher

 DIMMs / Speed  

8 DIMMS supporting ECC DDR3 RAM – 1066/1333 MHz

Req./Max RAM  

 16 GB/64 GB  

 HDD Bays  

 4  Hot swappable

 HDD Types  supported


HDD drives

3 x 600 GB 10K rpm Hot swappable SAS  HDDs

Optical Drive

Internal Slimline DVD-RW drive

 Internal HDD Controller  

RAID controller with 512 MB Cache, upgradeable to 1 GB/higher


Integrated Graphics with atleast 8MB Video Memory

Server Mgt.

Dedicated system Management processor/controller and port IPMI 2.0  to manage health of server  along with OEM based management software. LEDs for Power on, System Health, HDD activity, Diagnostics (with error codes) etc.

I/O Slots

Atleast 1 PCIe  Gen2 slot


Integrated Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet Controller with TOE and WOL support

USB ports

Atleast 6 external and 2 internal USB ports

Power Supplies

Atleast 2 x 500W Redundant Power supplies


Server Management Utility to be provided ( from the same OEM as server)

OS support/ certification

 Microsoft Windows Server® 2008 R2                                                                                          Novell SUSE® Linux® Enterprise Server
Red Hat Enterprise Linux    

(certificates to be submitted)

The quoted server model to have published benchmark on

The server OEM should be in the leaders quadrant of Gartner


3 years onsite warranty by OEM

 (2)  Reputed make 4 port Analog USB KVM switch with 2 sets of cables – 1 no. 

(3) 18.5” TFT Monotor, Keyboard and Optical Scroll Mouse.(same OEM make as the servers) – 1 no each 

(4)  8 port Gigabit Switch – 1 no 

(5)  Floor mount rack enclosure for server – 27 U with cooling Fans & other accessories. - 1 no 

General terms & condition

1) An Earnest Money deposit (EMD) of Rs. 20,000/- shall be submitted in the form of Pay Order/A/c Payee Demand draft/Banker’s Cheque from any Nationalized  Bank drawn in favour of “Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science” payable at Kolkata along with complete tender.

2) Please provide relevant technical literature with the tender applications.

3) Vendors bidding for computer servers must have at least 5 years experience in installing and providing service for such systems.

4) The rate should be inclusive of all taxes, transportation etc. Nothing extra will be paid in addition to the quoted rate.

5) Tender submitted shall remain valid at least for four months from the date of opening the tender. Validity beyond four months from the date of opening of the tender shall be by mutual consent.

6) Authorized Dealership Certificate should be submitted in case of principal manufacturing company is not quoting directly.

7) Proposed delivery schedule should be mentioned clearly.

8) Incomplete and conditional tenders and tenders received after the due date will be summarily rejected without assigning any reasons thereof.

9) IACS reserves the right to reject any or all quotations without assigning any reason thereof.



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