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Tender Notice No. EL/137/Adm/12                       Date: -15/03/2012

Revised time schedule (Updated on April 11, 2012)

Pre Bid Minutes   (Updated on April 03, 2012)

Sub: “ Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Air-Conditioning System suitable for the CRAY XE6m Super Computing System”

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Pre Bid Minutes

Revised time schedule

Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science intends to Install an efficient Air-Conditioning System for CRAY XE6m Super Computing System in its Centenary Building at Jadavpur, Kolkata-32, for which Item rate Tender in two Bid System (Technical & Financial) is invited from specialized firms of National/International repute having working experience in Government/Autonomous bodies/Public Sector Undertakings/Very large Private organization of repute having service centre at Kolkata for the work of “Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Air-Conditioning System suitable for the CRAY XE6m Super Computing System”. The AC System to be designed & offered should have Energy Efficient scroll compressor with advanced microprocessor based control having AHU of desired CFM, ADP and Sensible Heat Factor etc to suit the requirement of the above computing system based on our supplied input data sheet. Complete bid document will be available at .The last date of submission of Tender is 09.04.2012. Interested parties can download and submit the Bid Document. Therefore, the prospective Bidders are requested to follow our website on regular basis to get the upto date information regarding the above AC System. For any further information, the Firms may contact our Technical Officer (Electrical), on any working day. The applicants are advised to submit their Bid Documents consisting of Product Literature, Technical Specifications, Design Basis, Relevant Credentials with  Completion certificate, Company profile, any other document as may be required in support of your credibility to participate in the tender for the captioned work. Details of terms & conditions, Design Criteria etc. are enclosed herewith. It may be noted that the IACS Authority reserves the right to reject any or all applications without assigning any reason thereof.



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