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Frontiers of Science is Borderless

Past meets the present and creates the future

The afternoon of the 17th January, 2006 represented a major milestone in the history of IACS that was marked by the first ever visit of the President of India to the institute. His Excellency Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam spent about 45 minutes interacting with the students and staff of IACS and paying a visit to two of the technology-intensive laboratories, namely the renewable energy laboratory of Prof. A. K. Barua and the nanotechnology laboratory of Prof. D. Chakravarty. The President was accompanied by Shri Gopalkrishna Gandhi, the Hon'ble Governor of West Bengal. In an inspiring talk entitled ``Frontiers of Science is Borderless'', the President urged the scientific community to work towards achieving a seamless integration of science and society, so as to promote sustainability in the energy sector, augment advanced healthcare, enable prediction and mitigation of natural disasters and exploit the convergence of technologies for the well-being of mankind.

The Director of IACS Prof. D. Mukherjee delivered the welcome address, the President of IACS Dr. A. P. Mitra made the opening remarks and Prof. A. K. Barua offered the vote of thanks.